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Neuvita’s Casual Outfit #1

I hope to do more lookbooks in the future since my game is running beautifully now! ( •́દ•̩̥̀ )

hair | top | bracelet | slacks | flats

P.S the pattern on the top is BG

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It might take a few loads to see a difference. It did for me at least.

Ugh thank you for pointing that out!! I was so ready to rage quite but after about four times it’s running so unbelievably fast my mind is exploding

You guys can expect lots of CAS videos 


I sorted out my issues with CC magic but I notice no difference in loading times ٩(๑`ȏ´๑)۶

Anonymous asked: can you please? i think you explained it before, but i can't find that post x.x (about the torrenting)

I’ll outline it in a little more detail in this post for anyone who needs help/is a first timer! 💖

Just a little preface - torrenting is when someone creates a copy of a game and shares it through a program like utorrent. People who download it are called leechers, and seeders and those who’ve downloaded the program and left it in their bittorrent software to share with others. If you plan on downloading stuff, be vigilant and you shouldn’t have an issue. The two main things to note is staying anonymous and to avoid downloading a nasty virus

Make sure to use peerblock (I linked you to their FAQ page, the download is @ that site too). This will hide you a fair amount, and it comes with some lists already installed. Install it but don’t open it until after the next step, as it may block some sites or pop-ups if it thinks they’re suspicious.

Next you’ll download utorrent and install it. I use and piratebay the most. When you’re searching for torrents, sort by seeders and get the highest amount possible, as your download will go much faster (and it’s more trustworthy as well)

Open peerblock (usually it updates each time), grab this torrent, open it in utorrent and make sure to go to advanced options (i think?) and delete every tracker (in the little text box) except for the first. Add it + right click > force start the torrent and once it’s 100% done, delete it.

If you so choose, scan it with an anti malware/virus program and check to see if it’s safe. That was the exact one I used and I had no issues with it! A lot of the times you’ll get false positives*

The rest is in the ‘read me’ of the torrent you downloaded. It should explain everything, and if anything was unclear, check the comments of the torrent page, usually people have installation instructions and fixes for any programs you encounter along the way.

*The comments will usually let you know if it’s infected

I hope this helps! xo

Anonymous asked: Hello! Are your eyebrows for female sims only? If so, would you consider making eyebrows for male sims?

Hi! All my brows should be enabled for male (❍ᴥ❍ʋ)

Anonymous asked: Hi, i actually love your sims and all of you. But i have question, what is colour palletes on your background in every photos? im sorry if i bother you and make you unhappy ,see you i hope you receive my question kiss

Thank you so much! I have a few of them saved so I’ll put them all in a post for ya! Not a bother at all, thank you for the sweet message 💕

Anonymous asked: this is a very stupid question and i'm aware of that but you have to pay for photoshop right?

Not stupid at all! It’s very expensive, but I used this. If you’re comfortable torrenting I can explain the process for you eheeheh


she’s a doll. ❤



she’s a doll. 




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you are so right! making posts on tumblr is so easy but the messaging/commenting system is ugh. I kinda wish there was a sims forum I felt like I ~belonged to

I wish there was a way to combine tumblr’s posting system with LJs comment system

this times a thousand

Oh durr I have Maya installed too apparently, maybe I should give it a shot

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You can import a texture in the materials tab and then bring up the map by pressing ctrl+T. Honestly, though, editing the UV in Milkshape is hell. You may wannause a different program just for UVs or a different 3D program with better UV support. :/

I took a look at some of those TS2 tutorials and realized it was pretty much the same method, but yes I somewhat agree the quality is kind of sub par in milkshape. I haven’t tested out the edited UV map in game yet but I have a feeling the seam around the bottom I was fixing is still going to be super blurry. Which program do you recommend, I have 3ds installed but I heard Maya was really good too??

doll-baby answered your post: I’m trying to edit just a plain BG mes…

Wings 3D is really easy! I never used milkshape for uv’s.

I’ll look it up when I get back from work, thank you for the suggestion!

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I change the uvmap in ms all the time. It can be hard to learn for the first few meshes. Some people here use

Yes! That program is awesome, I downloaded the classic version but I’m wondering if I should try the demo of the professional version, maybe the quality will be a bit better

I somewhat figured out how to fiddle around with it but yeah, it’s going to take a lot of practice/testing phew

Thank you everyone!

I’m trying to edit just a plain BG mesh, but I need to change the UV map. I can’t really find any tutorials outlining how to edit the UV map through milkshape, does anyone have any ideas?