No sims for while, I dropped my laptop and broke the hell out of it/lost everything


Sorry guys and gals, but I should be up and running again in a month or two!

A TS4 hq mod would save my soul

Sophie does not like NPCs

Not too shabby so far! This is Mia, my guinea pig for now. I use the tags #sims 4 & #ts4, so feel free to blacklist ‘em!

Sorry for the long absence guys! I’ve been playing a lot of sl since I’ve been in somewhat of a sims rut lately

The two with designs are non-recolourable, but the top right is a three channel gradient (sleeves + top fade + bottom fade) and the bottom left has three channels (sleeves + body + seams) - both with that lovely tri-cotton blend pattern (sized down because it was just a teensy bit too big). Enjoy!

WS_Peplum Tee.package | mirror

ps: don’t know why I called it peplum, it’s totally not

So… I edited a mesh and it works! ♡˖꒰ᵕ༚ᵕ⑅꒱

(I love my desktop so much I put it on a shirt)

Anonymous asked: Hi are your high waisted jeans able to be worn for outerwear?

Hey, I made them so long ago I doubt I knew how to enable them for such purposes! But you can easily change any of the CAS details with S3PE and this tutorial - it will benefit you greatly in the future whenever you want to enable/disable certain details of an object!

Brow Set #3.package | mirror

momosims this backpack is a dream come true 💖

Anonymous asked: you look a bit like emma stone haha

૮(ꂧꁞꂧ)ა t-thank you!!

Anonymous asked: I installed all of the eyelash sets from s-club but I don't know which mesh to install. I have one installed, but it enabled me to use only like 2 sets when there's four. Which mesh do you use? Because I really like the eyelashes that you use on your sims.

Hey! I downloaded the one I have from the site so I wonder if perhaps they tweaked the file and re-uploaded? I’m not sure! Can anyone attest to this?

PS I usually use the first design, it’s the one with all the wispy lashes you see on my sims :)

Robin Williams was an absolute gem and I’m a little too distraught over his passing. Depression is a death sentence.

Every bit of my condolences go out to his loved ones - this is just so, so sad.





(p.s, here’s her CAS video)

(p.s, here’s her CAS video)