I’ve had a few asks about my dl links not working and I’m super sorry, I just realized when I reorganized my folders on dropbox I probably messed up the links! I’m going to do some adjusting on that and mega so my links may be down for a couple hours - =͟͟͞͞ ( ꒪౪꒪)ฅ✧

Anonymous asked: Hello! Are your eyebrows for female sims only? If so, would you consider making eyebrows for male sims?

Hi! All my brows should be enabled for male (❍ᴥ❍ʋ)

Anonymous asked: Hi, i actually love your sims and all of you. But i have question, what is colour palletes on your background in every photos? im sorry if i bother you and make you unhappy ,see you i hope you receive my question kiss

Thank you so much! I have a few of them saved so I’ll put them all in a post for ya! Not a bother at all, thank you for the sweet message 💕

Anonymous asked: this is a very stupid question and i'm aware of that but you have to pay for photoshop right?

Not stupid at all! It’s very expensive, but I used this. If you’re comfortable torrenting I can explain the process for you eheeheh


she’s a doll. ❤



she’s a doll. 




nnnilou replied to your post: I really enjoy seeing all of your post…

you are so right! making posts on tumblr is so easy but the messaging/commenting system is ugh. I kinda wish there was a sims forum I felt like I ~belonged to

I wish there was a way to combine tumblr’s posting system with LJs comment system

this times a thousand

Oh durr I have Maya installed too apparently, maybe I should give it a shot

simminglystrange replied to your post: I’m trying to edit just a plain BG mes…

You can import a texture in the materials tab and then bring up the map by pressing ctrl+T. Honestly, though, editing the UV in Milkshape is hell. You may wannause a different program just for UVs or a different 3D program with better UV support. :/

I took a look at some of those TS2 tutorials and realized it was pretty much the same method, but yes I somewhat agree the quality is kind of sub par in milkshape. I haven’t tested out the edited UV map in game yet but I have a feeling the seam around the bottom I was fixing is still going to be super blurry. Which program do you recommend, I have 3ds installed but I heard Maya was really good too??

doll-baby answered your post: I’m trying to edit just a plain BG mes…

Wings 3D is really easy! I never used milkshape for uv’s.

I’ll look it up when I get back from work, thank you for the suggestion!

thecnih replied to your post: I’m trying to edit just a plain BG mes…

I change the uvmap in ms all the time. It can be hard to learn for the first few meshes. Some people here use uvmapper.com

Yes! That program is awesome, I downloaded the classic version but I’m wondering if I should try the demo of the professional version, maybe the quality will be a bit better

I somewhat figured out how to fiddle around with it but yeah, it’s going to take a lot of practice/testing phew

Thank you everyone!

I’m trying to edit just a plain BG mesh, but I need to change the UV map. I can’t really find any tutorials outlining how to edit the UV map through milkshape, does anyone have any ideas?

I finally forced myself to figure out how to blend textures and I’m surprisingly pleased with this top!

Mouseyblue’s Lucky Mix - #26 Apple 2T3 conversion + edit

mega | dropbox

credit: mouseyblue, brntwaffles

I’d highly suggest using the pupil dilate slider with these ones

Thought I’d give my blondes some love today 👌

ND Eye #7.package

Three recolourable channels, two inside the iris

mega | dropbox

I’m on the fence about this one, it’s converted from facity and I used a different sclera via brntwaffles (natch). I’m definitely going to use it to death now

EDIT: Please re-download, this version has a working thumbnail

Anonymous asked: I just love your account *squeals* Anyways, I have a few questions Do you use any nosemasks/makeup/mods that effect your sims nostrils? They always look so- crisp? Lol And, do you use any other eyelash sets besides S-Club? Again, your Sims eyelashes are so wonderfully perfect Thanks :)

Thank you tons sweets! I’ve been using brntwaffles nosemasks religiously and plan on putting them on every single sim I ever made/will make again. I don’t even know what I did with myself before that ha. I’d use moonskin’s nosemask quite often, because it makes the nostrils a bit darker and realistic. Also, S-Club’s are the only lashes I use, but I tend to use the first set they released the most. And thank for you for all the flattery, if there wasn’t such wonderful CC for the sims, I wouldn’t be here!

Anonymous asked: Link to your last sims hairstyle? :)