Misc. Mods Masterlist

I thought I would go in depth about some of the mods I use and how they make my game-play smoother/easier. Without these I’d be totally lost (or just really, really annoyed). I also want to make sure when I share sims, you can get them looking exactly the same.

I’ll add more as I go along, but for now you can find this in my resources section for quick reference

Eyelash Removal/Face Overlay by retroxdance

This removes the crappy EA lashes so you can properly use the s-club ones (here). It also removes that ugly blue ring around contacts and the blotches on the lips

Cross eye fix by buhudain

Like the post says, the EA eye textures are simply flipped causing the catch lights to look ‘off’. This fixes that issue. If you’ve ever used my contacts and thought ‘huh, mine look a little different’, this is why!

CAS Zoom by Shimrod101

Exactly what it says! It allows you to zoom in further to the face so you can see better when working on face details

CAS Pose by Spagtscully

This locks your sim into a pose while in CAS, making it easier to create them without their pesky ability to move. There are a few options to choose from. I find the dead eyes a little creepy but it’s super useful (Jonha’s original description: ‘Sims will not greet you, sims will not smile, sims will not breathe, sims will not blink, sims will not move at all.' Cute!)

More Beauty Marks & Freckles by fanaskher

Increases the amount of slots you can have for topical overlay freckles/beauty marks

No Camera Drift by aikea-guinea

This eliminates that annoying camera drift you get when moving the tabbed camera, so you don’t have to sit there pressing a combination of the left and right arrow keys attempting to centre on a sim. Yay!

No Camera Fade by Claeric

When you zoom in too far while in free cam, your sim will fade (bad!). This stops that from happening (good!)

Sexy Feet by Bloom

No more brick feet, this mod gives your sims toes and discernible foot details!

Invisible Plumbob Replacement by gardenbreeze

Removes the trademark, but incredibly annoying plumbob

Auto Testingcheatsenabled true by Treeag

A simple mod to save a little time when typing in certain cheats

Master Controller Base Mod + Modules by NRaas

Integration Module & Cheats (same page^) - You’ll have to read the page for more information, because these are capable of way more than what I use them for, which is mainly to enable layerable makeup, edit sims in CAS, add sims to a lot, etc.

Portrait Panel - Increases the number of sims’ portraits you can have on the left side of the screen, so you can keep track of them (shout out to my amazing followers who helped me with this one)


I had a question about using my sims as bases and I thought ‘hey, I haven’t made a TOU page’. I’ll tag this so it shows up in my resources or something - but anyways…

Do whatever you want with meh sims and any personal creations. I don’t mind, considering I haven’t created much that is 100% mine. Anything that uses a mesh from another creator, well you’ll obviously grab the mesh from them, not me. Just have fun yo

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